TEQ160ST Sanding Table Large

This sanding table allows components to be sanded in an efficient manner, while excess sanding dust is reduced to a minimum. The table is equipped with a rubber mat with holes and rounded corners, which protects the components. Since more pressure can be exerted upon the object to be sanded, the sanding process can be performed much faster than on a trestle or a spray trestle.

Furthermore, the table is ideal for repairing bumpers and headlights. The table has four wheels and can be placed anywhere in the
workshop. The table can be connected to both a mobile and a fixed dust-suction device. The remaining dust falls into the table and you can use the drawers for your sanding equipment.

Dimensions: W x D x H 160 x 110 x 86 cm

Art. number Product Package
700325 TEQ160ST Sanding Table Large  1

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