Air Dry Clear Coat 7227

Unilux has developed a new Air Dry Clear Coat that responds to the current requirements of the market. The Air Dry Clear Coat is a transparent clear coat that meets with the VOC values 420. This clear coat can be processed at 20 degrees Celsius and dries at this temperature, so that further heating of the cabin is not required. The drying time can be shortened by letting it dry at a temperature of 40 degrees. The clear coat is very simple to use and can be fully sprayed in two layers without flash off time.

After 10 minutes the clear coat will be dust dry and after 35 min. at 20° C it’s possible to handle the parts. The short drying time and the simple application are a great progression in the car refinishes market. This new generation clear coat is environmental friendly, because you can save a lot of energy when using it.

For spot repair work, there is a fast thinner, and for spraying multiple or larger panels is a standard treatment thinner available so that the clear coat is applicable to almost every paint job. Because of the high gloss and good scratch resistance this clear coat can be used on all base-coats an all round product with many advantages.

Art. number Product Package
 722781  HS Clear Coat Air Dry 3:1  1
 622781  HS Hardener Air Dry Clear Coat  1
 102581  Thinner Air Dry Standard Clear Coat  1
 102781  Thinner Air Dry Fast Clear Coat  1

Application sheet  7227

SDS  7227

SDS  6227

SDS  1025

SDS  1027

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