HS CLear Coat 7040

The Unilux HS Clear Coat 7040 gives you great value for money. The product is developed for for use at all types of repairs and in most application conditions. Combines easy application with good drying properties and a brilliant gloss level.

The application of the clear coat on object size and temperature can be tuned by mixing the clear coat with the right Unilux Hardeners. The Clear Coat is VOC compliant. The Clear Coat can be used with the HS Hardeners 6240 Standard, HS Hardener 6241 Fast and HS Hardener 6242 Slow.

Art. number Product Package
704082 HS Clear Coat 72 2:1 5
6240825 HS Hardener 62 Standard 2,5
6241825 HS Hardener 62 Fast 2,5
6242825 HS Hardener 62 Slow 2.5

Application sheet 7040

TI      7040

SDS   7040

SDS   6240

SDS   6241

SDS   6242

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