Rinsing Thinner S 1039 and Rinsing Thinner BB 1029

The Rinsing Thinners S and BB have very good cleaning characteristics. They can be used manually and are also suitable to apply with a spraygun. The thinners are also very well usable for the cleaning of airless pumps. Thinner BB is a recycled thinner and also available in 200 litre drums for the industrial paint market.

Art. number Product Package
 103985  Rinsing Thinner S  5
 1039825  Rinsing Thinner S  25
 1029825  Rinsing Thinner BB  25
 10298200  Rinsing Thinner BB  200

TI 1039

TI 1029

SDS 1039

SDS 1029

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