Carolux is a Dutch company founded in 1999, that offers a large range of products for the car refinishing market. Unilux and Uniteq are brands of Carolux. The Unilux paint products are produced in the Netherlands with the greatest care and to the highest quality standards, based on many years
of experience. Our vision is focused on a high-quality product that conforms to the recent applicable regulations. The products are fully tested to comply with the toughest requirements and standards.

Unilux products are universally compatible with other paint brands in the automotive paint repair industry. Our transparent organisation offers short communication lines, fast decision-making and clear information. We offer you a extremely efficient paintsystem that links extremely well with the
current demand of the market and has an optimal return.

Uniteq, is the brand under which equipments are sold.

Uniteq equipments are used in several countries providing cost effective solutions according to current environmental, health and safety legislations.

All Uniteq products are designed to improve the working environment and efficiency.

Paper balers and can crushers reduce waste disposal costs and the work tables enable paints to be mixed and any fumes to be extracted.

The spraygun cleaners offer a truly cost effective method of cleaning sprayguns, reducing solvent usage and its preparing time.

Carolux has the tools for the car refinishing market!

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